DBD0A592-C51C-40EE-BD4F-33D13A28BEE0@lanIf you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ve never experienced it….

You wake up, stretch, sit up in bed ready to take on the day…only to set your feet into sopping wet slippers sitting in inches of water on the floor below your bed.

You drive up to your house after being gone on the most relaxing 5 day beach vacation….only to see water pouring out of your unopened garage door, running down your driveway.

You walk in the house after a stressful commute home from work…only to find your ceiling caving in and water pouring out of your light fixtures like Niagara Falls.

You have water damage…. And it’s never at a good time. (Is there ever a good time?)

The first reaction of most homeowners is to try to handle cleanup of this damage themselves. “My insurance deductible is too high, I’ll just grab my shop vac and a pile of towels and get all this standing water up. Then this box fan should dry up the carpet in a few days” thinks the typical homeowner. A few days later, that same homeowner says, “what’s that mildew smell??”  That’s when we get the call! They all start out the same: “We had water damage a few days ago and tried to handle it ourselves…”

Did you know you don’t have to try to handle it yourself? There are people who do this for a living! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. At Grayson Recovery Services, this is what we do. We’re not a carpet cleaning company who does water damage on the side or a contractor who owns a few fans and can attempt to dry your home. We are a full time, fully insured, fully trained, certified and educated Water Damage Restoration company!

Because our owners and staff live in the same towns as the customers we serve, we understand that customer service and a quality reputation is more important than a corporate bottom line. We sit with our customers, take time to understand what happened and how it has inconvenienced them, and we take every effort to make the cleanup and drying process an ENJOYABLE one! Who knew that was possible??

Don’t be afraid to call us at (903) 870-9000, even for the smallest amount of water. We love helping you get your home or business back to normal as quickly as possible.